Monday, October 1, 2012

Day 1 of Spring Break

Well today is the official first day of Spring Break. We don't actually have spring break in NZ but as it's spring and I wanted to take a break with the regular school kids one I have called our holidays "Spring Break".

Today I set out some paper and stamps, etc and some pre-punched owl shapes that I had cut out from a punch that a friend had loaned me and left them to it. The owls do not come completed, it is up to the person to pick the different colours and put them together. You should see some of the more vivid ones that haven't made the cards yet ... talk about technicolour owls!

Agent Smelly who is not particularly crafty seems to excel at card making. She made these four today. I was particularly impressed with her navy card. How cute is that? She thinks of them all by herself, which I think is pretty clever at just eight years of age.

Now because you will all be thinking what a lovely organised mama that I am, to have had all this set up for my girls to do, well I am going to burst your bubble. Here's a picture of my dining table (which I should be cleaning instead of sitting here typing my blog) which doesn't look the slightest bit organised does it?

By the way it's nearly 8.00pm (although we have just gone on daylight saving here so our body clocks are all out of whack too) and the girls cannot seem to drag themselves away from the table. Wait til I make them use their cards them to send letters to friends and pen-pals on another day, during our "Spring Break". You will hear the moaning and groaning way around the globe!

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