Friday, June 27, 2014

The Magic Half - Book Review

The Magic Half (2009) by Annie Barrows

This book is the best book I have ever read! It is my favourite book.

It is a magical adventure about two girls. The main character, Miri, comes from a family that has two sets of twins and is always feeling left out.

Her family moves to a new house and she finds a piece of spectacle glass in the corner of her bedroom and when she looks through it she goes back in time 75 years before in the same house.

There she finds a girl called Molly, who is exactly the same age as she is and looks like her too.

Molly lived with her mean aunt Flo, two cousins (evil Horst and Sissy who was OK) and her very old Grandma who was deaf and bedridden but had sort of magical ways. She helped Molly summon Miri in the first place to save her grand-daughter from her evil family as she is not able to look after her herself.

Miri and Molly have some adventures and then Miri saves Molly from her evil relatives and brings her through time to the present. It changes the present to how it should be. Molly lives happily with a new, loving family and Miri gets the twin that she always wanted!

Agent Smelly (nearly 10!)
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