Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Handmade Christmas Gifts

We have a $5 limit on gifts that the girls purchase or preferably make for us and each other for Christmas. There is so much pressure on people at Christmas to give these fantastic gifts that are often expensive (cause let's face it, what isn't expensive!) and we don't want them getting caught up in that. We are trying to instil in them that it is not about how much something costs but the thought and effort that goes into the gift.

Bearing that in mind, Agent Smelly made a cushion for her sister's bed in her favourite colours with the words DANCE across it ... I think she did a great job!  It also didn't cost her anything, except time and effort as she purloined everything from my craft cupboard ... haha

The Fashionista made Agent Smelly a wee purse which looks very funky.  Same amount spent by TF, i.e. Mama's craft cupboard! 

The girls needed some sunnies so at the last minute I grabbed a couple of cheap pairs ($4 from a local cheap store) and made little sunglass covers for them. They came out so well, even the Papa was impressed, and I have now made myself one for my sunnies. Also in true parenting style, I made them Christmas Eve ... nothing like leaving things to the last minute is there.

The girls both made me some pretty awesome decorations for my tree. Sadly in my haste to clean up post Christmas I packed them away without photographing them ... mummy fail!

Do you make gifts in your own home? My ambition in 2015 is to make more gifts for the people I care about.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

The hubby is working today, so Christmas has been delayed in our house until the afternoon. The Papa is working until 1.30pm so no gifts will be exchanged until he gets home.

We girls stayed up late last night (Christmas Eve), deciding we'd have a nice sleep in ... sadly I forgot to let mad dog know who was on my bed at 7am shoving a wet slobbery ball into my neck. Which somehow ended up nestled between my boobs ... got to laugh, stupid playful mutt!

We had a late breakfast so that we could hold out for a late roast lunch with the Papa. We had roast ham (which I had cooked the day before) and roast vegies. We kept it fairly low key which ended up being just the perfect amount. Enough for some left overs, but not enough to have to keep eating it until we are sick of it.
Due to so much going on, me being pretty much out of action, and so much being packed away for the shift (whenever that may happen!) I decided to forgo the Santa sacks (that I made a long time ago) and individually wrap all the girls gifts. Usually they go unwrapped into their sacks. Well The Fashionista was quite upset at this thought so a couple of days before the big day, the Papa climbed into the roof of the garage and finally found the right Christmas box that has all the Christmas linen and their Christmas sacks. The things you do to make your kids happy!
The Fashionista received a mobile for Christmas. She will be travelling a fair way to and from high school and so we got her one for safety sake (and my peace of mind). She was pretty happy you could say. Unlimited texts ... what was I thinking!
Agent Smelly is completely Hunger Games obsessed. She has been making her own bows and arrows so the Papa went and got her a proper one from an archery shop for Christmas. To say she was delighted and surprised is an understatement! 
The ma-in-law and entourage (her sister and brother who is staying with her for a couple of weeks) came up late afternoon with afternoon tea in toe and we spent a lovely hour or two with them.
It was touch and go as to whether I would make it through the day without having to head into the hospital as the wound in my belly button split the night before. It was quite swollen and bleeding slightly and I had a bit of a fever, but I managed to get through the day which is what I was trying to do. I have every reason to be very thankful this Christmas.
Merry Christmas Everybody.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Agent Smelly's Black Eye

We had our Kiwi Family Christmas picnic yesterday. We have it near the beach at a wonderful national park. We all bring food and  take games along for the kids and adults to play. If the weather isn't too bad we even have a dip ... well usually just the kids do.

Whilst the girls were playing swing ball / totem tennis, The Fashionista accidently hit Agent Smelly with her plastic racket which we heard about on the way home, again and again and again. It was nearly a 2 hour trip so you can imagine! She was bucking for sympathy and for us to stop and get her some KFC (which she didn't get as Mama has gone vegetarian!) 

Apparently not enough sympathy was shown so she thought it necessary to get up early this morning, pop eye shadow around the side of her head and eye where the racket apparently connected and freak the shit out of her sister! Even Daddy fell for it too.

I was fortunate enough to have a lie in, so when I saw it later that morning, I just cracked up laughing ... much to daddy and The Fashionista's horror. Until I pointed out to them, that it was simply eye shadow!

Agent Smelly was quite proud of herself ... the evil, little monster! She had them going all morning, feeling worried, getting her breakfast and running around after her. Where does she come up with ideas like this ... am still laughing later in the day.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Post Traumatic Concerts Syndrome

Well as anyone with kids who have recitals, concerts etc. knows there are certain times of the years that are just cah-ray-zeeeee busy! 
Thankfully our manic period has just passed. Monday to Wednesday we had rehearsals every night and then concerts on Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday before lunch and Saturday night ... WOW!  Each time it was a 75km return trip ... 'noice' on the petrol costs too.
The Fashionista's dance school actually runs two separate types of concerts. Two of the concerts are for the ballet only and it is a 2 hour show based on an actual ballet.  In the 1960's Mr and Mrs Draper were RNZB ballerina's (Mr D also danced with international groups), so there is a special emphasis given to ballet. This years ballet was Peter Pan. The Performance group mainly stars in it, splattered with dances by the different ballet grades. TF's class did the twinkling stars when Peter takes the Darling children flying to Never, Never  land.
The other two concerts held are for all the other dance types not including ballet; contemporary, hip hop, jazz, tap and any other classes they run there. Even the adult classes participate in the concert.

As TF also learns contemporary we had to do the four concerts but for a change we had a stroke of luck. Grandma and Aunty H were going to the different concerts that we attended so took care of the transport for us on those couple of nights. Luckily TF is at the age where I can help her with her show make up and hair at home and she can do the touch ups herself.
We arranged to go to the grand finale which happened to be the ballet, and took the girls to a Thai Restaurant for dinner afterwards. 

They were vastly amused to see that the restaurant abbreviated the location of Pukekohe to Puke which they sadly added onto the menus after the name of the restaurant.  I am not sure they realised what "puke" can mean in English, really not the best name for a restaurant. 


Monday, December 8, 2014

Rory the Crazy Hound

Remember last year when we brought home our tiny little puppy.  Well our little cute puppy is now a giant, annoying, overly affectionate, licky (like constantly!), slobbery, hound who is really very sweet and loving! He even licked the vet whilst she gave him his shots ... much to her amusement and our embarrassment.

Taken in 2013 when he was still little and cute ...

Feb: Sitting with my little Mistress ...
he has lots of big fluffy bits which is the collie coming out in him.

March 2015 - Having a snooze on daddy's lap
Seriously Rory are you comfortable yet?
April; Oooh Grannies come to visit she'll give me love rubs.

May; Asleep with his little Mistress.
Am so glad animals aren't allowed on the furniture in our house ...
seriously does anyone listen to me!
June; Such a dopey looking thing at times!  Check out the grey whiskers from his Collie dad.

July; Yes I think I'll sleep right here, on top of poor suffering Scruffie!!!
August; He loves playing soccer, either with us or by himself.
October;  he often sleeps with his baby or even a ball in his mouth.
December; Aren't I so sweet and innocent?

So there you have it ... the crazy beast who is one of the family. On the down side he has issues with being left alone so we have to pop him in a big cage (trailer size) when we go out or we come home to this ...

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mama Brag Moment

Forgive this mummy brag moment ... Last night was Miss 12's last class for contemporary for the year. The girls did some moves for the parents to watch and redid the dance that they performed on stage at their recital.

All the girls received their certificates at the end BUT THEN a Merit Award was awarded to a student who showed "outstanding effort and potential in 2014" and yup Miss 12's name was called out.

Am I proud ... you betcha I am but, not because she is a beautiful dancer but because more importantly every week this child turns up and works at dancing like she is auditioning for a stage role. She jumps, she turns and she spins and moves with 100% effort each and every time. If she isn't getting it to her satisfaction, she practices at home until she has it sussed. She gives it all her effort each and every class and so I am proud of her for working so hard.

I am also very thankful to the teachers she has had this year and in previous ones for inspiring her and building her confidence and love in dance.

The Fashionista with her lovely Contemporary teacher who she just adores!

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