Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Handmade Christmas Gifts

We have a $5 limit on gifts that the girls purchase or preferably make for us and each other for Christmas. There is so much pressure on people at Christmas to give these fantastic gifts that are often expensive (cause let's face it, what isn't expensive!) and we don't want them getting caught up in that. We are trying to instil in them that it is not about how much something costs but the thought and effort that goes into the gift.

Bearing that in mind, Agent Smelly made a cushion for her sister's bed in her favourite colours with the words DANCE across it ... I think she did a great job!  It also didn't cost her anything, except time and effort as she purloined everything from my craft cupboard ... haha

The Fashionista made Agent Smelly a wee purse which looks very funky.  Same amount spent by TF, i.e. Mama's craft cupboard! 

The girls needed some sunnies so at the last minute I grabbed a couple of cheap pairs ($4 from a local cheap store) and made little sunglass covers for them. They came out so well, even the Papa was impressed, and I have now made myself one for my sunnies. Also in true parenting style, I made them Christmas Eve ... nothing like leaving things to the last minute is there.

The girls both made me some pretty awesome decorations for my tree. Sadly in my haste to clean up post Christmas I packed them away without photographing them ... mummy fail!

Do you make gifts in your own home? My ambition in 2015 is to make more gifts for the people I care about.


  1. Lisa,

    I love all the hand made gifts. Home made with love is definitely the best! The embroidery on the purse and cushion is so neat. I helped Gemma-Rose make a drawstring bag for Sophie's Christmas sunnies. We both had the same great idea! And I'm a last minute person too. Christmas Eve 2013 I rushed down to the shops at 1 pm to buy fabric to make Gemma-Rose a Christmas dress. Surprisingly it was finished and ironed, ready to wear before bedtime. I don't know how I did that. It was rather miraculous!

    1. You made a dress Christmas Eve? Oh Sue you are amazing! The girls are both very neat blanket stitchers but they have been doing it for a long time now so they have had a lot of practice. xxx


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