Sunday, December 14, 2014

Agent Smelly's Black Eye

We had our Kiwi Family Christmas picnic yesterday. We have it near the beach at a wonderful national park. We all bring food and  take games along for the kids and adults to play. If the weather isn't too bad we even have a dip ... well usually just the kids do.

Whilst the girls were playing swing ball / totem tennis, The Fashionista accidently hit Agent Smelly with her plastic racket which we heard about on the way home, again and again and again. It was nearly a 2 hour trip so you can imagine! She was bucking for sympathy and for us to stop and get her some KFC (which she didn't get as Mama has gone vegetarian!) 

Apparently not enough sympathy was shown so she thought it necessary to get up early this morning, pop eye shadow around the side of her head and eye where the racket apparently connected and freak the shit out of her sister! Even Daddy fell for it too.

I was fortunate enough to have a lie in, so when I saw it later that morning, I just cracked up laughing ... much to daddy and The Fashionista's horror. Until I pointed out to them, that it was simply eye shadow!

Agent Smelly was quite proud of herself ... the evil, little monster! She had them going all morning, feeling worried, getting her breakfast and running around after her. Where does she come up with ideas like this ... am still laughing later in the day.

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