Monday, December 8, 2014

Rory the Crazy Hound

Remember last year when we brought home our tiny little puppy.  Well our little cute puppy is now a giant, annoying, overly affectionate, licky (like constantly!), slobbery, hound who is really very sweet and loving! He even licked the vet whilst she gave him his shots ... much to her amusement and our embarrassment.

Taken in 2013 when he was still little and cute ...

Feb: Sitting with my little Mistress ...
he has lots of big fluffy bits which is the collie coming out in him.

March 2015 - Having a snooze on daddy's lap
Seriously Rory are you comfortable yet?
April; Oooh Grannies come to visit she'll give me love rubs.

May; Asleep with his little Mistress.
Am so glad animals aren't allowed on the furniture in our house ...
seriously does anyone listen to me!
June; Such a dopey looking thing at times!  Check out the grey whiskers from his Collie dad.

July; Yes I think I'll sleep right here, on top of poor suffering Scruffie!!!
August; He loves playing soccer, either with us or by himself.
October;  he often sleeps with his baby or even a ball in his mouth.
December; Aren't I so sweet and innocent?

So there you have it ... the crazy beast who is one of the family. On the down side he has issues with being left alone so we have to pop him in a big cage (trailer size) when we go out or we come home to this ...


  1. Lisa,

    I enjoyed looking at all the photos! Oh my! What a big mess Rory makes when you go out! We leave our dog outside in the fenced garden when we go out. I hope she's good while we're gone and doesn't bark too much. She has a loud bark. I imagine Rory's is the same!

    1. We fenced a section of our property and he leapt over it once we had finished so easily we felt mocked! We need to have a 6 foot fence for him as he leaps things like superdog. He actually ran and with one jump leapt the couch one day. We feel he could have kangaroo in him. Hence he goes into a big trailer cage with a roof on it!

  2. Wow, my email delivery of your blog posts is just a bit behind... it arrived this morning along with two others !

    So glad it did though... what a gorgeous puppy you have. Clearly he is still a puppy in his own head... no matter what humongous size he has grown to being. ;)

    1. No it's not your email, it's my leaving them in drafts and finding no time to add the pictures or recheck them, etc. I am playing catch up, now that I am not out just about every night of the week. :)

      He is a really sweet natured wee fellow. We are hoping when we move that Miss 10 (whose dog he is) can start taking him to obedience classes. He is such a clever and agile thing he'd be brilliant trained. Did I mention another reason we don't leave him inside anymore, besides the mess, is that he worked out how to open the sliding door and let him and Scruffie out when we go out!


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