Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Whilst out driving to swimming lessons last week, Miss 7 mentioned some item that she had been wanting.

I said that "maybe she should ask Santa for it".

She said "Mum, I know Santa isn't true. Remember I saw the stuff you had hidden in your wardrobe last year".

Miss 9 replied on my behalf ... wait for it ... "Sam, mum is short remember, she could be one of Santa's elves".

Hmpppfff the cheek of it! Then the pair of them fell into helpless giggles ... lucky for them I couldn't take my hands off the wheel and reach the back seat! I think I may have liked them better before they could talk ...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Miss 9 yelled at her sister and called her a "stupid-head".  

Now I don't like name calling and because it was school holidays they were starting to really annoy me with their snippity behaviour.  I had tried every other discipline trick under the sun and was at my wits end.

Then it came to me, make her write lines like we did at school when we did something wrong. So I made 
her sit at the table and write "I must not call my sister a stupid-head" 10 times.

The little cherub got down to work and wrote them out, quietly and without any complaints. I thought to myself, yes, maybe this is sinking in.

Once she finished she came and found me and handed me her sheet of paper. I look down at the sheet and there were her 10 lines BUT, right there after the lines was a paragraph that read "I only said it because Sam opened the air thing on the blow-up-bed and was siting on it to let all the air out of it. So I am not sorry."

I looked at her and all I could say was, "you left a t out of sitting".

She looked me straight in the eye and says "and even if you make me write it 100 times I won't be sorry I said it".

I had to walk away before I burst out laughing ... won't bother with that again.

Yes, I have kept the note and yes she was right her little sister was being a "stupid-head".

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