Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Post Traumatic Concerts Syndrome

Well as anyone with kids who have recitals, concerts etc. knows there are certain times of the years that are just cah-ray-zeeeee busy! 
Thankfully our manic period has just passed. Monday to Wednesday we had rehearsals every night and then concerts on Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday before lunch and Saturday night ... WOW!  Each time it was a 75km return trip ... 'noice' on the petrol costs too.
The Fashionista's dance school actually runs two separate types of concerts. Two of the concerts are for the ballet only and it is a 2 hour show based on an actual ballet.  In the 1960's Mr and Mrs Draper were RNZB ballerina's (Mr D also danced with international groups), so there is a special emphasis given to ballet. This years ballet was Peter Pan. The Performance group mainly stars in it, splattered with dances by the different ballet grades. TF's class did the twinkling stars when Peter takes the Darling children flying to Never, Never  land.
The other two concerts held are for all the other dance types not including ballet; contemporary, hip hop, jazz, tap and any other classes they run there. Even the adult classes participate in the concert.

As TF also learns contemporary we had to do the four concerts but for a change we had a stroke of luck. Grandma and Aunty H were going to the different concerts that we attended so took care of the transport for us on those couple of nights. Luckily TF is at the age where I can help her with her show make up and hair at home and she can do the touch ups herself.
We arranged to go to the grand finale which happened to be the ballet, and took the girls to a Thai Restaurant for dinner afterwards. 

They were vastly amused to see that the restaurant abbreviated the location of Pukekohe to Puke which they sadly added onto the menus after the name of the restaurant.  I am not sure they realised what "puke" can mean in English, really not the best name for a restaurant. 



  1. Well done girls... what an achievement :)

    1. It's just The Fashionista that danced this year. Agent Smelly is her biggest fan. It's rather cute to see how wonderful a dancer she thinks her big sister is.


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