Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cake Decorating and Mum's Tum.

At Girls Rally this week the girls decorated those pretty cupcakes (I blogged about it earlier in the week) well in order to complete their Cake Decorating badge they also are required to "Ice and decorate a cake with butter icing".

As I was really peckish today and simply felt like some cake I casually suggested that The Fashionista may want to complete her cake decorating badge ... evil Mama mind at word I know.

Of course she naively thought this a great idea, not realising what was the real purpose behind my suggestion.

She made quite a bit of butter icing and decorated it the shape of, do I really need to say it, a volcano. She told me she was a bit sick of flowers and girl stuff so wanted to try something different.

Hey it was a win, win situation. She gets her badge and I got a happy and content tummy!

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