Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Fashionista finally finishes Handwriting Level 4

Today The Fashionista completed her Targeting Handwriting Level 4 handwriting student book.

All done!

This is a recent page from her book.

I will be giving her a wee break from these books in order for her to put what she has learnt into practice. Then start her on level 5 next year in Term 1. The writing simply gets a bit smaller and she'll learn some fluency and speed joins at that level.

She only does a page a week (she does handwriting in other subjects too) as I don't like to rush them to complete the book. This book has taken her about 18months.

I would prefer their writing to be legible and easy for them to do.  Do you remember rushing as a kid and getting writers cramp? I used to write so quickly (and pretty messily!) and be constantly shaking my hand to relax it. The Pig on the other hand, presses really, really hard when he writes and so when I tear a page off the shopping list I can see what he wrote for about another 5 pages!

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