Monday, September 24, 2012

"C" Night

Girl's Rally has a theme night on the last night of each term. Last term, which we missed as we were in Melbourne, was a hat night. Tonight's was come dressed in something starting with "C".

As we had a clown costume, I took the easy way out and suggested one go as a clown which they agreed with as the clown costume is a relatively new addition to the dress up box. So Agent Smelly was to go as our clown (frankly between us she can be a bit of one so it was perfect for her). The Fashionista wanted to go as a caterpillar and as this tired, worn out mama could simply not be bothered making up a costume, she talked her into going as a cheerleader (again another costume we already had). The Fashionista was not impressed with my idea, until I suggested she wear the shimmer tights that she had wore for her recital last year, then she was totally sold on the idea. I seriously had no idea the power that shimmer tights held and must keep them in mind for future coercions incentives.

I know I could possibly be biased but seriously how cute are they?

Amongst other activities at Rally, they decorated cupcakes. Whilst they were at Rally I was out at a card making class and had arranged for the Papa to pick them up. This is what I came home to ...

In case you can't read it, it says "Don't eat these under any circumstances! That includes Mum". Seriously despite me being impressed that The Fashionista could actually spell circumstances, I was like totally offended that they thought I would break into their container and eat their cupcakes. Granted I found the note when I was scouting around for a wee bedtime snack but seriously the lack of trust is wounding ... hehehe

How good am I to have resisted these yummy cupcakes?

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