Friday, September 14, 2012

Kowhaiwhai Patterns

One of the clauses for the Girls Rally Maori patch is for them to draw a kowhaiwhai. I actually had to look up what one was, as I'll admit I was a bit clueless to what they were. Once I saw one, I realised immediately what they were. I have seen them loads of times in NZ but, I never knew what they were called. I wonder if I can earn a patch also now?

Kowhaiwhai (ko-figh-figh) are maori patterns that are not only decorative but also used to tell a story and are identifiable as to what tribe they are from. They are often inspired by nature and found on the rafters of the maori meeting houses / whare (far-rey). 

Please note that as I am an Aussie, the bracketed pronounciations may not be exactly how these words are actually pronounced by the Maori people. I do apologise if they aren't totally correct; no offence is meant.

To make it a little more fun the girls thought it would be fun to paint their designs onto canvas and turn them into bookmarks for their WWCS families.

With the aid of some designs off the net they pencilled their designs down onto the canvasses and then painted them in a traditional red, black and white.

Whilst the patterns look deceptively easy in fact they were quite difficult to do.

Both girls really, really enjoyed making these. In fact they were still painting them when I told them they had to go to bed. If I had of had some canvas left over I wouldn't have minded having a go at one myself. 

Sorry but I am not going to post a photo of the final products in order that they be a surprise for our recipients.

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