Wednesday, September 12, 2012

All Roads Lead to Rome

The girls were very pleased to finish their lapbooks today. I did tell them that if they finished them today that they could watch the final episode of Roman Mysteries so I think that may have helped them along. Don't you just love bribes incentives.

I must say that I am really, really happy with how much they have learnt about Ancient Rome. I think the BBC series has really helped them learn and retain more than they would normally.

I ended up getting some more great things for our Ancient Rome Lapbook from Homeschool Share

They really put a lot of work into these lapbooks and they are so very informative. There are actually more printouts on the back of the far right page ... whew!  We have included famous ancient Romans, roman numerals, some Latin words, a map, legend of Rome, Roman gods and goddess', architecture, gladiators, wars, Mount Vesuvius and such.

I asked the girls if they had enjoyed doing this study and they both agreed it was "really good".


  1. We were at the library the other day and what did Bethany pick off the bookshelf, Roman Mysteries! It seems our library has most if not all of the series. (I will admit to being a little shocked by this) We have booked the first 2 books in the series.

    1. That's so cool. I wishlisted them on Book Depository but they are a bit expensive so not sure I'll ever get them. I have given the details to our local librarian who said she'll recommend them to the lady who does the buying ... fingers crossed x


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