Friday, September 21, 2012

Reading with a little help from the Goatlings

As it was such a lovely day here today I sent the girls out onto the deck to have their lunch and do their reading.

Milly, who is now around six weeks old, thought it would be fun to try and nibble on her mistresses hair whilst she lay there reading. 

I am not sure why Agent Smelly had her dresser stool outside but anyway here she is reading her book (I hope) whilst her beloved boy Molly eats around her. She popped a couple of temporary standards in so that she could pop his lead over it so that he could be close to her.

I must say that I have been really and truly impressed with how well the girls have done taking care of their "kids" or goatlings as we joking call them here.  I had wondered if the excitement would wear off but so far it hasn't. They feed them every morning and night, take them out of their house each morning, put them away each evening all without ever complaining or being asked to and they even take them for walks during the day on their leads. Sometimes they'll just go out and have a chat with them and give them a cuddle. 

The funniest thing about our goatlings is that they both have personalities like their owners. The Papa and I often laugh at how much they are like them. Milly is a little more delicate but very noisy especially if her milk is running late and Milly is a right little terror and when off his lead he's straight off to destroy the few plants that we do have, jump on the garden furniture, barrel poor Scruffie and to top it off he's a bit of a piggy just like someone else who shall remain nameless. Who knew goats were so darn cute and personable?

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