Thursday, September 27, 2012


Tonight we held an end of term campfire night with our GirlGuide unit.

We were extremelly lucky as rain had been predicted so, up until the last moment, we weren't sure as to whether we'd have to hold it indoors with a fake flame or could go ahead and hold it outdoors. The rain held off although it was a little breezy at times. We made sure the girls were well wrapped in jackets and camp blankets and headed down to one of the paddocks down beside out den.

We only had a small fire as we didn't want to be waiting around for ages while it died away as we had supper prepared inside. 

Many years back I spent a night out with the Navajo Indians, in Monument Valley, I think it was. We had a campfire and singalong with the Native Americans and they jokingly said that they called big fires "white man fires" as white men tended to have huge campfires when all that was needed was a small amount of wood. I think those Navajo would have been very proud of our fire tonight.

We sang quite a few songs and considering many of the songs were new to most of the girls they did really well. We also had Pippins (ages 5 and 6) join us, so keeping up with reading any songs is nigh on impossible due to the speed so we endeavoured to keep the songs simple. We sang "Campfires Burning", "Bumblebee", "There was a Crocodile", "My Bonnie", "Edelweiss", "Cuddly Koalas", "On Top of Spaghetti" and "I met a Bear", I'm a little hunk of tin", just to name a few. My personal favourite is Ging Gang Gooley.  Do you have a favourite camp song? My girls and I often find ourselves just singing a camp song throughout the day. One will start and then before we know it the three of us are singing away. The Papa finds it very amusing when he walks in on us singing away.

It was a really good night, it went really smoothly and I am pretty sure the girls all enjoyed the experience.

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