Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How Long Does it take to Plant a Hedge?

Well finally, after nine years, we got started on the hedge for the front of our property.

We popped out to the nursery this afternoon, spent a fortune (since when did plants become so expensive?) and came home with 50 odd plants.

They are all trees that shouldn't grow much taller than 3 metres (there are overhead power lines running along our side of the road) and they will be going in the garden that runs above the retaining wall and before the front fence. Yes, in all that wild bramble is a farm fence which surprisingly is still in very good condition. We want to remove all the bramble but if we do we will be exposed to all the car's passing by, hence we are putting in two rows of different trees. The Pig had previously killed off all the grass and weeds up there. He loves weed killer much to my annoyance and nagging him not to use it. Apparently it was easier than digging up 100metres of ground ... big wuss! 

We bought 3 different types of pittosporums, red robins, griselinias, ake ake and some other natives. We have staggered their planting a little and by planting over 9 different varieties we are hoping we will have more of a natural looking border. The nurseryman suggested we only do a bit at a time because of the effort involved in caring for them for their first few months, especially with summer looming. 

We planted about 30 metres along, so are a third of the way there. The Fashionista despite her slight frame always is ready to really get in and do the hard work. Here she is using a pole hole digger to make one of the 54 holes needed for the trees.  

The Pig did a great job getting them all planted and has even started thinning out some of the existing hedge with his chainsaw. Men and chainsaws!

Now if they'll just grow really thick and big quickly I'll be stoked. Maybe I need to go talk to them? Does anyone have any tips to get these little trees growing big and strong quickly?

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