Friday, October 12, 2012

"WHAI" Not?

I was thrilled to come across these packs of Whai's today in a store whilst out shopping.

The girls were staying with Grandma so they weren't with me to enjoy my excitement at my "find" for our World Wide Culture Swap Family. I am sure the poor man serving me had no idea why I was so excited over some packs of Maori string games either but he smiled at me nicely and happily took my money.

On the back of the pack it reads
"Legend reveals that the great Polynesian Maui invented this game.

Known as Te Whai Wawewawe a Maui, this game is most often shortened to Whai or sometimes even Maui.

This game encourages dexterity of fingers and mind which are essential skills for weaving or making the decorative Tukutuku panels.

Some complicated designs would require the use of fingers, toes, teeth and sometimes several people.

The Whai were not only fun but were used to pass on Maori knowledge and history through the generations."

They open up and inside are a few string games to try. Basically they are just like the string games many little girls play growing up. I was never really into playing the string games as I was a bit of a sporty girl so was usually on a field or court somewhere. How about any of you? Do you have any string games (links are fine) or stories that you can share?

I really hope our WWCSF has as much fun using them as I had finding them. Maybe they'll send me some pictures of them using them.

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