Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oh No Agent Smelly's arm in a Sling?

The Papa had been out in the garden for some time and when he finally came in he was met with the site of  his baby girl's arm all wrapped up and in a sling. Poor fella nearly had a heart attack and quickly wanted to know what had happened to her.

She immediately started to look woeful and sad but before she could start to say what happened she burst into delighted giggles. She hadn't actually done anything to her arm but had earnt her First Aid badge during the term at Brownies and was simply practising what she'd learnt.

She really is a minx although I must say she certainly knows how to make a good sling!


  1. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. It was lovely to receive your comment!

    My girls used to belong to St John Ambulance and are also expert at bandaging and making slings. Sometimes they used to simulate wounds which caught me out a few times, as the cuts and bruises were so lifelike. I can understand why your husband nearly had a heart attack when he saw your daughter!

    I see your daughter is 8 and is a Brownie. Our Brownies seem to have turned into Junior Guides. My 8 year old is just about to join the Junior Guides. I'm sure she'll have lots of fun.

    I love your family's nicknames!

    1. Sue, I only found your blog in the past few months but am now following you. Not like a stalker or anything ... lol I am so enjoying finding some bloggers around this side of the world too. A bit over reading about pumpkins, Halloween and Thanksgiving activities at the moment.

      Whilst in Melbourne earlier this year (I am a Melbournian) visiting my parents I arranged for my girls to visit a Junior Guide unit, they loved it but I was taken aback at the name change. I happen to be a Guide leader too (I take our Pippins who are the 5-6 olds) ... I must learn to say NO!

      The girls picked their own nicknames ... and they suit their personalities (actually between us there are days the daddys does too ... lol).


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