Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Book Score!

Yesterday my hairdresser was running a little behind so we arranged for me to come back in half an hour. Rather than go home, I wandered into our library which was just across the road.

They had just had a clear out of their shelves, so as any good homeschooling parent would, I sat myself on the floor, right by the trolley where they pop them when they are selling them off and rifled through them as best I could given the time limitation I had.

These are what I scored ... just for 50 cents each! They are all big non-fiction picture books, which are always a great addition to our ever expanding home library. I know the PC has some great ideas and you can basically google anything that you want to make but as happened in this case, there is nothing quite like holding a book in your hand and flicking through the pages to stir up the imagination. 

No sooner had I placed them on the carpet when I got home, and the girls had them in their hands, flicking through the pages.

I was feeling a little nervous as The Fashionista was quite taken with the book "Change your room". In this book they have painted, stuck glitter, boas, and ribbons on furniture and she is dead keen to redo some of the furniture in her room. Apparently her furniture is boring!  I found her half an hour later in my pantry looking for "bow" pasta which apparently "you can spray paint and glue to frames" ... good heavens!

Here's Agent Smelly with the origami book. She started reading it and before too long, she had the paper out and was making items out of it. There were a few Halloween items in here so she she was quite keen to make those.

Although this wasn't a planned homeschooling activity, I love it when things like this happen. They start reading some books and get all caught up and before I know it they start making stuff or start asking random questions about something they are reading.

They lost track of time and a few hours later, I had to actually ask them to put things away in order for them to go to bed.  Then I ran and hid the "Change your room" book! Do you think I should let her go wild with some of her bedroom furniture? It is her room after all. When you think about it, her room is how I want it to be, it's what i got when she was little ... hmmmm ........ stay tuned.

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