Thursday, November 1, 2012

Georgia O'Keeffe Eat Your Heart Out!

This week we finished our unit study on georgia O'Keeffe.

Instead of doing another copy of one of the artists paintings I have the girls do their own work in the same style as they believe the artist would have painted it. It gives them a chance to use their own creativity and think a bit outside the square.

To be frank I am not sure that you would ever look at one of their masterpeices and recognise the artist that they were trying to emulate, except for maybe Pollock, but at least it has them thinking. They have also produced some really great pieces of work doing it this way.

Today they chose a flower from the garden to paint. I use the term loosely as we only had weeds out there, but they did have flowers. As they were so small, being weeds an all, we photographed them and enlarged them and printed them out. The detail was easier for them to see but they still had their "flowers" nearby to try and emulate aswell.

I had also run out of the canvas we have been using but I did have some small framed canvasses that i thought might be nice for them to use. I suggested they paint something that could go in their rooms.

The Fashionista's work.

Agent Smelly's masterpiece.
Although I really do love this, I am not sure she captured the smooth flowing style of O'Keeffe, bless her little heart.

Proudly displaying their work.

I like their work so much I popped them on one of my walls instead of their bedrooms. They were so chuffed!  Better than the real thing I told them and The Pig said they are the first flowers he's seen on a wall that look good. You should have seen their grins. Do you display your children's artwork around the house? The Fashionista has a canvas on her wall that she did when she was about three and it is just so awesome.

I also am thinking that as these are so nice, that I might now put them to work for Christmas. I was thinking a homemade Christmas might be nice this year too ... lol

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  1. We were looking at Georgia O'Keefe's paintings too, recently. We weren't sure we liked the bones but the flowers are beautiful. I love your daughters' paintings too. They are very artistic!

    My daughters love having their artworks displayed too. Mostly these are drawings. I have a section of wall in my bedroom where the girls are welcome to blu tack their art. When the wall gets crowded they can choose what to take down and replace. You are right: children are so happy when we show how much we value their work.


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