Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WWCS; Package One has arrived

Today our first package arrived from Wisconsin, USA. It was so quick, we were all a bit surprised and just a tiny bit excited.

(The photo is a bit staged as they had already ripped into the package
when I suddenly though to get a photo ... der)

This lovely family included a small jug of homemade "maple syrup" and they explained how they sourced it which we all enjoyed reading about. The Fashionista absolutely loves maple syrup (she kept picking it up and looking at it) and despite it being expensive to purchase in NZ, I ensure she always has some in the house as she is not a sweet tooth by nature and it is about the one thing she loves that is sweet. The girls immediately suggested making pancakes for lunch ... gees I wonder why?

My girls simply adore babies and toddlers and so once they saw this beautiful families picture they kept ooohhhing and ahhhhing and wanted to make some things for the little girl and baby. I had to remind them that we had finished putting the packages together and wouldn't have time, but they went and found a larger poi that they had made at Guides, for me to pop in as the baby would be too young to use the pencils, pads and pens. I am not really sure the baby is going to be wanting to use a poi ... but you simply never know. Pois are generally used by Maori women which I didn't like to point out as I had visions of them rushing off to try and carve the little man some Maori war tools instead ... hehe

There were also lovely locally grown cranberries, some Starbucks hot chocolate sachets (dibs for The Mama!), coins (Agent Smelly loves collecting coins so thank you!), stickers and some great leaflets, brochures and a letter that we sat and read and looked through.

I am pretty sure I drove through Wisconsin on my way from Minnesota to Chicago many, many years ago when I spent a couple of months touring the States but I don't remember much about it if I am honest so even for me the package was quite interesting. It does make me want to head over to the States, buy an RV and travel around the country again this time with The Papa and my girls. Oh the beautiful places and wonders we would see.

Yeah Wisconsin Family, and thank you so much.

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  1. I love the idea of WWCS. My girls have some penfriends in Texas. They love swapping photos and stories, drawings and little home made gifts. It is interesting learning more about the homes and lives of our overseas friends.

    I always love catching up with your posts. You have beautiful daughters.


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