Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Art at Anna's

The girls started an art course today, along with some other homeschoolers, with an artist in Pukekohe.

The course runs for 4 weeks and each session runs for 2 hours in Anna's studio. You drop the kids off and leave. WHAT! I did not realise it was a drop and run.

As the studio is just a couple of blocks away from the main shopping centre in Pukekohe, I went shopping for 2 hours all by myself. That is 2 whole hours by myself. Homeschooling parents will know what I am saying here ... that is actual real time, 2 hours, that's 120 minutes all by my self!

Oh yeah and the kids started painting these and apparently had a great time.

Agent Smelly painted this whilst I was spending 2 whole hours by myself! She was pretty pleased with it because she doesn't think she is any good at art. She's the youngest in the group and I thought she did really well.

Here's the The Fashionista with hers. Did I mention I spent two whole hours by myself just wandering through shops whilst she was doing this.

A week now can't go fast enough for me ... bring on week 2 and another 2 hours of me time!

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