Monday, November 5, 2012

Hieroglyphs and Cuneiform

Chapter 3 - The First Writing, Story of The World

Today we read chapter 3 which was a short chapter on the earliest people to use writings, i.e. the Egyptians and Sumerians.

The girls then cut out the relevant lapbooking piece from The Chronicles of the Earth blog.
They had to write something in both hieroglyphs and cuneiform into a little fold over matchbook.

I printed out the heiroglyph alphabet from here Heiroglyph Chart and each girl then wrote something for the other person to decipher into their lapbook insert. I hadn't set out for them to do that but they started to try and guess what each other was writing which turned into a bit of fun.

Then we logged onto Penn Museum's site where they could type in their name and see their monogram in cuneiform. It does say that it is Babylonian cuneiform and we were studying Mesopotamia, so am not sure how close this cuneiform (funnily enough it just doesn't happen to be an area of my expertise) is to being the right one for us but never the less we used it. The girls then copied their initials onto their lapbook insert. They loved this so much that they sat typing carious members of the family into it to work out who had the longest and hardest name to write.

Lastly I set them up outside (in the wind, hence the hoody!) to avoid a mess of clay everywhere, to carve some more hieroglyphs into clay.

They quite enjoyed this. The Fashionista told me that she has written the letter "L" in hieroglyphs so often, that she now knows it by heart. Of course both girls ended up writing about their GOATS!

As always anything to do with Egypt is such fun. Why wasn't history more fun when I was a girl? It was all about facts and dates which I could never remember or probably wanted to!

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