Thursday, November 22, 2012

Homeschool Swimming

This term we have been heading off to have swimming lessons with some fellow homeschoolers once a week at the Fulton Swim School. This centre was awarded Swim School of the Year in 2012, so we are in good hands.

Both girls are in the same class but are not at the same level. Unfortunately we don't quite have enough students for 3 classes so they have simply divided the kids by ages; i.e. a 5-7 group and 8 and up. The Fashionista (in aqua togs) was a little bored at the first couple of lessons but since then the teacher has sort of split them up a bit and is challenging her and two of her group too some harder sessions. Agent Smelly (black togs) is probably right in the middle of her class, and considering, her another lad are the youngest by a coupe of years, I think she is doing pretty well.

The swim school is situated in a primary school and they have some of kind of arrangement with the school and provide them with lessons, so a couple of lanes are taken up by them whilst we are there.

It is quite amusing to my girls to be mixing with school children in the change rooms, etc. although they do prefer to wait until the girls all leave before going in to change. Apparently it is a bit of a mad house in there. Last week they were all in a panic because one girl had lost her knickers and school skirt. The Fashionista kindly pointed them out where they had been left in the change rooms. Then they are hurried along by their teacher and you see them leaving with their wet hair dripping down their backs, and leaving various articles of clothing behind.

Another little school girl went up and told The Fashionista that she liked her top. She was a bit chuffed with the compliment. Agent Smelly is her typical quiet self amongst strangers but I have been teaching her to smile at new children even if she isn't yet brave enough to speak up, which she is at least doing now. She is quite pleased when someone smiles back.

If they are able to split up the classes a bit more based on their level then we'll be back, but if not, then we may have to look elsewhere.

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