Friday, November 23, 2012

Wrapping up ...

I love that the girls are getting older and finally I am getting some use out of the little toads ... seriously though, they asked me this afternoon if they could wrap some of the Christmas gifts we had purchased for their cousins in Australia. I agreed that they could do one each.

I have often had to give them a hand in the past but they declined any help from me, in fact the little terrors point blank, told me they did not want me to help them ... thank you very much.

When I realised that they were doing such a good job, I went and got more of my Christmas presents out and had them wrap them all. They were enjoying themselves, so I suppose I wasn't contravening any child labour laws. I'll put it down as a "good deed". They spent the next couple of hours wrapping lots of different gifts whilst listening to one of their Glee Christmas albums (which between us I may accidentally lose for a while). It was quite a nice way to spend a quiet Friday afternoon.

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