Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Rally

The girls have their final session of Girls Rally for the year this evening.

Being their break up they have another theme night and this one is Winter Christmas.

The girls kindly reminded me of this at about 11 o'clock today just as we were about to start their history lesson. So once we'd finished history and had lunch we frantically rushed about trying to work out something that they could wear. I still had to get something ready for my Pippins to work on at Guides so it was all a bit of a rush this afternoon.

My little Mary. The blanket baby Jesus is wrapped in was one of her baby ones ... big awwww! She actually wanted to go as a wise man but I didn't have the time to whip her up one of those costumes, especially as I was out of cotton wool for a beard.

Agent Smelly was so excited with going as a gift. It was the easiest costume I could think of and she just loves it bless her little cotton socks. Don't you love her curly ribbon headband?

When I dropped them off, I had to head inside for a look (it is possible that the girls have obtained their mad dressing up habits from moi now that I think about it) and there were a few santa's, angels, elves, another couple of Mary's, reindeers, a snowman and even a plum pudding. They all looked so darn cute!

And just because this made me giggle ... check out Mary's addidas shoes.  I do hope she shows better mothering skills with my grandchild one day!

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