Friday, November 16, 2012

My Little Shutterbug

The Fashionista has decided that she would like to be a photographer rather than a fashion designer now. She has decided that because she still loves fashion so much, that she would actually like to be a fashion photographer and take photos of models. It should suit her as she is artistic, loves beautiful things and likes bossing people around ...

I found a pile of photos on her camera today that she has been taking of her little sister. She even goes so far as to tell her sister what she needs to wear for the shoot! I asked her about this shot and she said she was going for modern funk ... good heavens. Agent Smelly's "model" pose cracks me up. I think she is rahter enjoying all the attention.

I wonder what The Fashionista will be when she grows up.

I wanted to be a lawyer when I was quite little (I wonder if I knew what one actually was!), then a journalist as a teen and then when I realised how invasive you had to be, I decided I'd be a writer. Nope, did none of them, ended up in shipping of all things. Funny thing is that I can see myself still doing any of those things, except for the study required. What did you want to be when you were little? Did you end up doing it?

I do hope my girls end up doing whatever it is, that makes their hearts soar.


  1. These are the kind of photo's I find on the girls camera too lol.

  2. I always wanted to be a teacher. If I was being honest though I just had a career in mind to please everyone else I think because it was expected I would be 'something'. I mainly just dreamed of being a mummy. I guess I achieved both those dreams in a way by home educating the kids :) I think it horrifies a number of people that I don't mind that Bethany's only dream for the future is to get married, raise kids and home educate them. If that is what she feels called to do then I would rather give her the skills she needs to fulfil her dream than push her into something that doesn't interest her for the sake of doing something that society deems worthwhile.
    I think T would make a very good photographer, she sure does have the right personality ;)

    1. I think you would be a grand teacher but I can't imagine you teaching a regular old school subject. I can see you teaching something you love, like a craft or cooking. As long as B is happy and satisfied then that is all that matters. I simply want to make sure the girls can support themselves if required as I was an old woman of 29 before I met The Pig and then I had to go to a different country in order to do so ... lol

  3. That is such a wonderful photo! Digital cameras are great. The kids can have so much free fun with them.

    I wanted to be writer when I was growing up. Instead I became a scientist, which wasn't a very good fit. I never imagined I'd be a mother of many and a homeschooler! Sometimes we end up somewhere totally unexpected and find it is just perfect. And I'm getting a bit of writing done too!

    "I do hope my girls end up doing whatever it is, that makes their hearts soar." That's exactly what I hope for my children too. I'm encouraging them to follow their passions.

    1. Some days I cannot believe the path my life has taken either but I just feel so lucky and blessed to be in this position. I too adore this special time of my life with my children.

      How exciting for you to be writing. Life is amazing how we sometimes do a full circle!


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