Monday, November 12, 2012

Walk In Another Girl's Shoes

We have been working on a badge, called Walk in another Girl's Shoes at Guides. It is a badge that requires the girls to think of how and what it is like to have an obviously disability (like blind, paralysis, etc) or simply to be a little different. We try to get them to realise how hard it for people and also how to show some compassion and thoughtfulness towards them.

This week we had a visitor who is a double amputee, who brought along some his wheelchairs for the girls to try out. He had them wheel across the floor and then pick themselves up without putting their feet on the floor, and sitting on a bench or chair. Agent Smelly just had a rather nasty cut around her toes (dry skin) which we had to keep covered in order to stop dirt getting into it.

We also had them go into the kitchen and see how hard it would be for them to try and bake or stir a pot on the stove top or even get to the sink in a wheelchair to get a glass of water. They realised how hard it would be to do so many things that they take for granted. We also had them go around the den and see if it was accommodating to people in wheelchairs and guess what, it isn't. We have a couple of steps into the toilets, so that could be quite difficult.

All ages and levels really enjoyed the session. They were very enthusiastic and did quite well in the tasks assigned to them.

It was sort of a special Guiding Day for me as I also resigned from being a Guide Leader today. I will hang around for another term but only in a helpers (or trainers) capacity. I have been a leader for nearly six years and during that time I have taken three different levels and also run a Guide Club and shifted Dens. Agent Smelly was only 2 when I took on the position. I simply feel that I am becoming very tired and that I really need a bit of a break before I start to resent the time it takes. It is a great organisation and you can really see how the Girls who have been in Guides for a while have blossomed, so in no way is my stepping back a reflection on the organisation as I wholeheartedly endorse it for young girls. It's just my time to do something else whilst the girls attend without me. I may actually have time for a haircut or to even read a book for pleasure ... ahhh bliss.


  1. It looks like they had a lot of fun! Enjoy stepping back, you deserve it! Leadering is a very fulfilling role but it does take it's toll after a while. Maybe one day when the girls have left home you might be looking for something to fill in your time. I can see you getting back into Pippins one day. It is a great organisation and it's great for giving the girls confidence. One day I hope to get back into it again, when the time's right. I can't see that being for quite a while though. Maybe we can take our grand daughters along :P

    1. Granddaughters ... am laughing so hard right now! Me on my zimmer frame, playing Duck, Duck, Goose ;)

  2. I was going to say we could get you a wheelchair so you can participate in the games but you already discovered the hall isn't too wheelchair friendly :P


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