Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fireworks at the Huntly Speedway

Tonight we went to the Huntly Speedway to watch the stock cars. We are not huge stock fans I confess but mostly went because they were having a huge fireworks display. The Pig is absolutely mad on fireworks ... we are talking obsessed! Each year around Guy Fawkes he is like a kid in a candy store when the fireworks come out in shops.

Here is a picture of one of the early races. I am not sure but it could be one of the youth races. I learnt that the "first time competing" youths have to hang ribbons out the back of their windows so that the more experienced cars can go around them. I laughed at one of the cars with a ribbon driving around the inside of the track like they were out for a Sunday drive. Their parents must have stomachs of steel as I was worried for them and I had no idea who they were. A bonnet flew up on one of the cars and the poor girls drove into a wall as she was just entering the bend! She was fine. I was surprised to hear a few girls names competing. My own girls were pretty stoked too and of course supported any girl drivers.

Here are the girls with The Fashionista's bestie (she moved when I clicked!) between them. Her family just happened to be there on the night too and so the girls kept going back and forth. Little Miss Dutchgirl is homeschooled too and they all get on  a treat.

We have been at the speedway before one New Years Eve (again to see a HUGE fireworks display ... lol) and it was freezing despite it being summer. Despite it being spring we had just had a cool change the day before, in fact showers showers were predicted on the day, so we made sure we were well rugged up. I am so glad we did as it was bitterly cold but we were all toastie.

The fireworks display went on for 15 minutes and it was pretty incredible.

They were over by 9pm which meant that quite a few families left, it is a very well supported event but we stayed on for the last few races. Despite us not going for the car races, we really do get into them and have fun watching. We'd even be willing to go if they didn't have fireworks on.

I did start to get a little worried when The Pig said if we won Lotto (you know one of those if I became a millionaire moments) he wouldn't mind buying a car and compete. The girls eyes lit up and said "could we too?"  I was happy to tell them they couldn't race til they were teens ... not my rules but the speedways.

They were a bit tuckered out on the drive back home. Ah the serenity ...

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