Tuesday, October 23, 2012

O'Keeffe; Putting it together

Today we reread parts of Venezia's Georgia O'Keeffe book (the girls love his books!) and discussed each of O'Keeffe's art pieces pictured in the book in depth.
I then gave them the lapbooking pieces to assemble and glue as required, that we obtained from the World's Greatest Artists printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Whilst this is a great resource, as my girls have gotten a little older, we have found that we have to modify the way we use it or they (and I) lose interest. There are eight lesson plans which are perfect for around a six year old age I would say but we have condensed them into 3 sessions for my older girls, which still works great.

Now I also pre-cut all the pieces they use for their artists page. i.e. the puzzle, mini book and artist card, actually for any lapbook these days. Whilst scissor skills are great to work on when they are younger, they are both at that age when they know how to cut around things and I just feel that they really don't need to be using up valuable time cutting when they can be learning something new.

This is titled "Morning Glory" and happens to be both of the girls favourite work art by O'Keeffe. It is not often, acutally I can't remember them ever agreeing on the same work of art before, so it was a bit of a surprise.

Agent Smelly often puts random comments on her school work. At least this time it pertained to the actual subject. She had "this is tottaly (sic) awesome" in her flip book beside the picture of "Morning Glory".

I have had to ask her to stop making comments on her math book and so as not to hurt her feeling I told her it was because they were far more interesting than the math questions and kept sidetracking me. She found this very funny but thankfully has stopped. They were rather distracting. She doesn't doodle, just makes random comments. I think she marches to a different beat which I find quite adorable and always good for a laugh.

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