Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What to do on a Lunch Break and A Comfortable Reading Nook.

We are having the most glorious spring weather so after the girls finished their lunch today I sent them outside and told them they had to stay out there until I called them in for some school work. OK, the nice weather was just an excuse ... I simply needed some peace and quiet and to pay some bills online!

When they came in from their play, they very excitedly shoved a camera in my face to show me yet some more new photos of their goats. Seriously, I think they could possibly be the most photographed goats in the world! I was a little surprised to see these pics had a slightly different twist to them.

Here's Miss Milly looking rather glam with a pink bow on one of her horns. She's such a sweet little princess.

And here's Mr Molly looking hip in his cap and chewing on some weed. He really is as dopey as he looks ... and often makes us laugh. 

After the break I asked the girls to go find a fun new, comfy reading spot, and do their reading whilst I set up for their art class on Georgia O'Keefe. I also find it gives them a chance to unwind before they get stuck into a long afternoon subject.

I turned around from prepping the table and spotted Agent Smelly. Apparently this position was "very comfy mama". This made me curious, I had imagined them snuggled up somewhere amongst cushions or on their beds, so I went in search of The Fashionista to see where she had ended up.

After walking into each of their bedrooms twice and not finding her, I then spotted her in the  bathtub. I didn't say a word but crept away and grabbed the camera. She later told me that because it was a little warm today that she had found the bathtub quite cool and relaxing and very quiet.

Granted I read in the bath whenever I can, but usually it's filled with water!

There are days like this that I think, "yes, homeschooled kids are a little different!" I'd like to say this is not a typical day in our homeschooling life ... but I think days like this are more common than not.

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