Friday, October 26, 2012

SPEEKEE takes to the Stage

The girls decided to use their new puppet stage today to practice their Spanish lesson.

They took it in turns to have one of their puppets, "Lupi" and "Dino", hold a coloured straw whilst the other puppet said the colour of it. This is an activity that is suggested by Speekee.

I told the girls that they didn't need to use the puppet voices (they try to imitate Dino and Lupi from the video) when they did the activity and they looked so disappointed that I followed up by saying how much I enjoyed it when they did though. So they happily kept speaking in these awful accents that they have developed.  I do hope when we get to Spain one day, that they can speak Spanish in regular voices ... lol

They followed up their colours by saying hello, how are you, etc in Spanish. We haven't been doing this subject as regularly as I would have liked (it has been mad around here with us in and out quite a bit recently) but I must say whatever they learn they are retaining so I am really happy with their progress.

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