Thursday, October 25, 2012

Puppet Theatre Opening Night

Yesterday, after we had dropped Grandma off at her Aunty's funeral (Grandma is 85 and her Aunty was 97!!!), the girls and I popped along to a nearby shopping centre. We wandered up and down the street and ventured into a pile of second hand and recycle shops ... my idea of bliss! 

Whilst in the Salvation Army Shop, two sets of young eyes zoomed right in on a small wooden puppet theatre that was for sale. It was $15 and the only thing wrong with it was that the sign on the top had a crack through it (even I silently thought it a great buy) and after some conferring between them, they decided that by pooling their pocket money, that they could afford it. So after speaking to their loan agent ... yup moi, they settled up with the lovely lady in the store, who was just so lovely with the girls. Where do they find those dears?

It was too big for a bag so they had to lug it along between them ... hey I am teaching them responsibility ... wink!  OK, after awhile we swapped bags and I took it from them. It wasn't heavy just a bit annoying as the side bits (doors to close it all up with) kept swinging open on us.

Further along the street we chanced upon a toy store, where the lady who worked there, after sighting said puppet theatre, showed the girls some small finger puppets (clever marketing I thought). After yet another mini conference they decided yes they could afford those too and so the loan agent forked out another $15 for a set of six wee finger puppets.

We arrived home and of course the girls were rather impatient to set up their new toys, so after settling their debts, without being asked to I might add, they headed outside with paper and pens (to write the script apparently) and their new theatre and puppets.

A couple of hours later The Papa and I received invites to go outside and were met with an usher who handed us a ticket to a show called "A happy ending ... NOT!"

As soon as I walked around the corner and saw The Fashionista I had to halt proceedings in order to run back inside to grab the camera. Up until then, The Papa and I had had no idea that they had done any of this.  If they popped inside, they wore dressing gowns over their clothes; I just assumed they were a bit cold.

We were shown to our seats ... the chairs were numbered and The Fashionista actually took our ticket back off us before she seated us to make sure we were at the right seat, just like at a theatre. She had the arm sweep going on and all. Then we were handed our tickets back and told to enjoy the show. I was a little hard pressed not to crack up laughing.  Our other usher, aka Agent Smelly, meanwhile was tying back the curtains.

The show started. It was all about a nasty, mean witch who wanted to rule a country.

She turned herself into a beautiful princess, had the prince fall in love with and marry her, and then she turned back into a witch. Then they have a big fight and she kills him! 

The Papa whispered into my ear that he thought it very much like real life ... he got an elbow in the ribs!

They had a great time performing their little show for us, which surprisingly went a little longer than normal and had a proper story to it. The Fashionista has been working on writing this term and I think the fact that she had scripted this show made it a little less fumbly and giggly than normal. Although, as always their were giggles, especially when they had the prince and princess/witch kiss at their wedding.

Just between us ... Later when they were in bed, and The Papa and I were lazing on the couch watching TV, he leaned over towards me  and said, "so, how 'bout it? I did take you out to the theatre tonight" and then he winked at me. I fell off the couch laughing ... men, bless their little cotton socks!

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