Friday, August 3, 2012

Can you Change the State of Matter?

Experiment number two in our Science at Home Awards.

As the weather was so nice and we'd been having such horrid winter weather, I decided to take advantage of the sun and put the girls out on the deck to complete this activity.

In this experiment they placed a piece of ice in a shallow dish over a flame (I let them use my fondue sets ... about time they got used for something) and watched it change shape and evaporate amongst other things.

We discussed what caused it all, i.e. the molecules changing shape. We also discussed what vapour was and then condensation.

They also filled in a sheet with some questions that I had made up for them to complete pertaining to this activity.

Once they completed their task's they asked if they could continue to use the fondue sets which I said would be fine. Soooooo ....

they changed the matter of some chocolate drops and then ate it ...

Am liking their experimentation!

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