Friday, August 24, 2012

Poor wee sick girls

Well we have our second bout of flu for the winter. This time the poor girls got it from moi. You know one of those that starts with a sore throat, moves to the ears and then you just feel exhausted. Then it kindly moves to your chest and presents itself in a deep chesty cough and a runny nose ... oh what joy!

Normally because we homeschool the girls can still do some of their bookwork even when they are slightly sick but as they just looked so poorly I let them have a couple of days off. Day 2 though I arranged for them to make some cards. We hadn't done any crafts in a while and I thought it might distract them a little. They were absolutely thrilled with the prospect as even TV and reading had been a bit much on their eyes the day before.

Agent Smelly displaying her very first card.

The Fashionista with her first card also.

Their cards were copies of one that I had made earlier in the month at my card making class. Best of all I had just received my embossing machine and embossing powder so the girls got to use that for the first time ... and fell in love with it just like their Mama did.

I had punched out some hearts the night before for them to use and here's a display of the cards they completed. They did a great job and it kept them busy til after lunch and then they just flopped onto the couch and I popped on a DVD to keep them amused. I could tell that they weren't that well as they had pulled out a My Little Pony DVD that they haven't watched in probably a year or so. It was obviously comforting and didn't take too much brain power to watch.

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