Thursday, August 9, 2012

Milly and Molly

Meet the girls new pets, Milly and Molly. They are 2 day old Saanan goats. 

The Pig and I are not sure what came over us but, a friend, Kaka, texted me last night to ask if we wanted to adopt a baby goat. I spoke to her today and apparently she had gone to pick to farm to get a goat for each for her kids and the man took her out the back to these day old kids and said basically told her to take her pick as they were just going to knock the rest on the head ... so being the hard-hearted farmer (yeah right!) that she is, of course came home with ALL 11 kids, cause she couldn't bear the thought of them being put down. Don't you just love her! Such a cool thing to do.

Milly's, the smaller of the two, and belongs to The Fashionista's; she's sporting the blue coat with white paw prints and a birght, green collar. Molly's who is Agent Smelly's, is wearing the navy with the light blue collar and star on the back and the bright pink collar. The little coats are actually my dog Scruffie's ...
Iain and I discussed it and thought that we might as well take two of them, as at least they'd have company  and it also meant that our girls would have one each. We're not silly, this way there won't be arguing over who gets to do the bottle feeds, etc!
Because the little goats are so young and little, they need to be kept out of the cold winter air, so they are in the shipping container for the night where we have made them a bed amongst the hay in there. We went to feed them at 8.00pm ... somehow the girls didn't make their normal bed time.
The girls have set their alarm clock for 7am and will be getting me up (I am so not a morning person!) to make "their kids" their warm milk formula, so they can give their babies their morning feed on time.
I really have my fingers crossed that all goes well with both of them, as at this age the little darlings are still very susceptible to illness, cold's etc. 

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