Friday, August 10, 2012

An update on "The Kids"

Well The Pig and the girls went down to give Milly and Molly their bottles this morning and low and behold Molly peed from underneath. The Pig took a closer look and yup Molly is in fact a wee boy.

The farmer that gave the kids to Kaka told her that the boys had an orange stripe down their backs and Molly definitely had no orange down his back. I think the farmer may need glasses, as one of Kaka's little girls has also turned out to be a little boy.

For a moment there Agent Smelly was worried she would have to rename Molly. Then I explained that although rare, some males were called Molly. She was also worried about him having a pink collar so I told all about the great, flamboyant, Molly (Ian) Meldrum, Australian popular music critic, journalist, record producer and musical entrepreneur and she had a good laugh and thought he could keep his pink collar afterall.

Molly is a really friendly wee fella and skips after his mistress like a puppy. I found this on my return from having a shower ... yes he was quite happy and settled watching TV with her on an armchair.

And I found the other pair comfortably sitting on the couch, Milly sound asleep beside her Mistress. Milly is a little bit smaller than Molly and a bit more timid.

The girls are very, very excited at the thought of breeding the pair but The Pig and I aren't sure we really want to go down this road.

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