Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Anne of Green Gables ... she wasn't a boy!

This term we are reading Anne of Green Gables aloud and then after every couple of chapters the girls have some questions ti answer for the lap book that they'll be compiling on it.

I was amused to read Agent Smelly's answer to one about Anne's disappointment when she realises there has been a mistake and The Cuthberts were wanting to adopt a boy not her and that she'd be going back to the orphanage.

The question reads: Shortly after entering the house Anne starts to cry. What would you have done in that situation?

Agent's Smelly's answer: I think that I would cry but I would like to say your (sic) no prize either.

It did make me laugh. What have your kids or students said lately that has made you laugh out loud?


  1. Too funny!!!

    I always forget those comments, unless I write them down straight away! But, we LOVE Anne of Green Gables here - we cried so hard when Mathew died...

  2. It is a wonderful book; another one of my favourites is Pollyanna. I blubber like a baby. I have told my girls that they may hold an Anne of Green Gables Tea Party and invite a few friends, when they complete the study. They are very keen!


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