Monday, August 27, 2012

The Fashionista is officially a Girls Rally Member

Tonight The Fashonista recited the Rally promise and motto in order to be an official member.

I had no idea she was going to do it. I had suggested that both girls do it the following fortnight as I didn't think they had it quite down pat and I thought I'd pop along to watch and take some pictures like a proud mama. Unfortunately a friend lagged her in, saying that she knew it so she took it then.  Unfortunately Agent Smelly hadn't realised what was going on, as she's in a different team, so she didn't make hers and so came home extremelly upset that her sister had done hers and she hadn't. I felt a bit sorry for her, as the poor child was near in tears.

The Fashionista came home sporting her new sash and her Rally handbook and blogbook and was so thrilled.  I sat and had a good look through the book ad I must say, that even though I am a Guide leader, that I think that the activities that they need to do to earn their badges are pretty awesome! The Guides badges have changed so much over the years to keep up with the young girls. that I sometimes wonder if they haven't gone too far and lost some of the great learning experiences they used to teach the girls.

If you were sending your daughter to a youth group like, Brigade, Rally, Guides/Scouts, etc what would you want them to learn there?

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