Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Helen Keller, the beginning

Today we started reading Helen Keller, a scholastic biography, written by Margaret Davidson.

Although it is a really easy read, I want to read it out loud so that we have a chance to discuss it as we go through it. 

I stopped a couple of times, to have the girls close their eyes and to pop their hands over their ears to see if they could imagine how Helen felt and to give them an insight into her behaviour as a young girl before she met "teacher" and could communicate.

Both girls were absolutely captivated by the book and did not want me stop reading it and had to promise them that I would continue it again tomorrow, in order for them climb off my coffee table (where else does one laze in order to listen to their mum read to them?) and go and have their lunch.

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  1. Our copy of that book is so well loved it is in tatters (as was my copy of it as a child). We also have the Louis Braille book from the same series and the girls really enjoyed that too.


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