Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Today I arranged for the girls to have a hair cut with their favourite hair dresser, Debbie. They haven't had their hair cut in absolutely ages so it really was needing a good cut. Especially as I am forever nagging them to do it and they get cross because it's all knotty and want me to do it. When it's shorter, it seems to be more manageable for them and there's less whining (and nagging by me!).

The Fashionista had a few inches taken off and her hair layered again which means that some of her natural curl has come out again. 

Debbie always does a little something with the girls hair once she has finished cutting it. Today she pinned The Fashionista's hair back and it looked just lovely.

Agent Smelly also had a few inches off, in fact she would have liked to have had her hair cut even shorter but, I wasn't sure about her getting a bob. Last year she pleaded for a fringe and then a month or so afterwards she wanted it all back to the same length as the rest of her hair again and so I really didn't want to go through that all over again. As you can see we are having to use bobby pins or headbands to keep it off her face and out of her eyes whilst it's growing out. Isn't that in between length really annoying? 

Debbie gave Agent Smelly a lovely side plait; she looked quite cute. She has such lovely thick hair and I didn't have it layered again as it looks beautiful and glossy when brushed.

The girls have a lot of hair ties and headbands, etc but they all end up in a big mess in their bathroom drawer so were hardly ever getting used. Every so often I would sort all the gear into little containers but in a few days it was all over the place again. A couple of months ago I came across one of those hanging shoe holders for just $5 so I grabbed it as I had seen someone using it on Pinterest (of course) for their craft items. After contemplating it's best use I ended up hanging it (temporarily) on the shower door and placed all their hair accessories, sortly mostly by colour, into the pockets.

Well I am happy to say it has been a resounding success. The girls find it easy to  find what they want but, better still it's easy for everyone to pop the hair ties that are constantly popping up around the house into a pocket. Now that I know it's worked so well, I am going to pop a towel rail across the wall behind the bathroom door and hang it there.

Those big, hard, headbands were a bit too big to sit comfortably in the pockets so we are going to make up some headband holders out of some of those giant Milo tins. We now just need to get through all the Milo!

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