Monday, July 30, 2012

Living the Olympics ...

After watching the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony. we decided to dress as ancient Greek girls today. When I say we, the girls were the Greek girls and I was the ancient part ...

We made laurel wreaths from some branches that we cut from our olive trees. They may not have been from the Olympia olive trees but we gave it our best. Between you and I those old wire bread ties are great for holding the branches together, as they kept unwinding and flinging apart.

The toga's were simply some white satin material that we found in the material box (some unfinished project of mine probably!) and tied over one shoulder and then teamed with a pair of white sandals.

A styrofoam cone spray painted cold with some paper flames and voila ... an Olympic flame.
Forever the ham, Agent Smelly pretended to burn herself on her flaming torch ...

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