Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sweeeeeet ... potato that is

Due to all the public holidays and hence some food getting close to it's use by dates there have been a lot of fruit and vegie bargains. I recently picked up 6 x 1kg bags of kumara (sweet potato) for just 67 cents a bag.

Kumara can be frozen if you blanch it. So I cut up about 3 kgs into roast size pieces and blanched them for 10-12mins. This filled 2 very large zip lock bags.

I also cut another kilo into chips which I blanched for 5 mins and then froze them in a large zip lock bag also.

I also plan to make our niece's Kumara and Bacon Salad this weekend which is simply delicious. Hopefully I will remember to take some photos and post the recipe once I have made it.

So I am set for kumara for a while now ... hhhmmm, what shall I freeze, can or dry next?

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