Monday, January 16, 2012

Prima Latina

I just love ordering new homeschooling curriculum and today our Latin program arrived, so I was very excited pulling all the program out.

It is called Prima Latina (by Modern Curriculum) and is aimed at Grades 1 - 4.  It is a Christian based Latin program.

The Fashionista (9) will be starting the program this semester and after I have had a good look at it I will decide whether to do it with Agent Smelly (7).

There are 25 lessons and apparently you work on it for about 10 minutes a day, so can be finished in a year. Apparently it is written in such a way that you can longer and do the program over 2 years, it is all dependent on how well your child is moving through the program. I am assured that it has been written for non-Latin educated people, to use to teach, so here's hoping it will go well.

You may wonder why I am teaching the girls Latin. There are a few reasons. One it will help them with their grammar and despite today's education system I feel that grammar is important. The girls are also really fascinated by foreign languages and I think Latin would be a great background language for them to help them with some of the romantic language's that they are and wanting to learn. Lastly Latin is called for in some University courses and I have read and heard that those that have an early background in Latin really sail through the courses and those that don't really struggle that first year.

Only time will tell I suppose ...

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