Saturday, January 28, 2012

Reorganising the Girl's Bathroom

As with many homes these days we parents have an ensuite therefore leaving the main bathrooms for the kids. In our house the main bathroom, is very "girl orientated" with lots of girly stuff in the cupboards and drawers.

As it wasn't going to be a huge or expensive job I decided that the main bathroom would be my first "decluttering" project of 2012. Sadly I forgot the "before" pics but imagine everything simply shoved into a cupboard and hair ties, etc everywhere and you'll just about have it right!

The master bathroom has a big vanity, with double sinks, 2 sets of cupboards and a middle drawer with three internal drawers. It's funny when I was growing up I think we shared 1 cupboard between five of us and seemed to manage.

I purchased these little white baskets from the supermarket and they fit inside the top drawer perfectly.

Also these little plastic containers were from the supermarket so I used them in the second drawer to separate their clips, ties, etc (of which they have far too many).

The large bottom drawer has a couple of fabric holders from the two dollar shop to hold their fabric headbands and brushes in. The plastic and metal headbands are on the bench top sitting around some old baby milk powder tins (Milo tins work too). I did try covering the tins in adhesive book covering but they wrinkled and do not look so good. So I will be removing the plastic covering and spray painting them.  The headbands sit around the tins perfectly and you can remove the lid and pop the fabric headbands inside them!

I purchased a couple of large white baskets from the supermarket to go into their cupboards. One holds their various hair products, bubble baths, creams and lotions etc. Another little tray holds smaller items, like nail polish and play cosmetics. I did throw many  items out that were expired or nearly empty and anything that was really not of any use. I was rash and don't feel any guilt!

The other cupboard holds their personal towels, facecloths and bathmats and does usually look like this so there wasn't much to do to this one except give the shelves a wipe down.

It did not take me long to do this and cost around $20 for all the baskets for things to go into. I am really happy with my first decluttered room and can't wait to start on the next one ... which may be the laundry?


  1. Looks great! Your girls don't know how lucky they are to have all that space. Our bathroom is a fraction of the size for all of us. But like you said you just manage lol (you can barely even open one of our cupboards due to water damage and you dare not put towels in there as its a bit musty smelling). On the subject of covering the tins. glue fabric around it. It's much more forgiving than duraseal and won't scrape off like spray paint. I used that modpodge glue from the warehouse to stick faric to canvases and it worked fantastically.

    1. You will get the bathroom you want one day. In our last house we had the ugliest bathroom on earth (pink bath tub, burgundy wallpaper, faux cream marble basin and this apricot floral sort of wall stuff on the walls in the shower ... previous tenants were Egyptian). Because we had a new ensuite we used, it didn't really bother us, unless I wanted to use the tub. We finally put our hands in our pockets and spent a fortune on it and did it up. We got to use it a few times and then the house was sold!


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