Friday, January 13, 2012

Is there a Doctor in the House?

There is nothing more that my daughters enjoy than dressing up. We have accumulated quite a few costumes over the years and we don't restrict ourselves to "girly" stuff either. Along with a Japanese and swiss costume, cat, lady bug, beetle, pig costume, they have a cowboy costume, along with Superman and Spiderman.

It is a really good activity for children as they make their own plays and it is stretches their imagination. Also in mixed age groups everyone still seems to be able to play along. Role playing comes naturally to children and therefore it is great to fill the dress up box with normal, positive and inspirational costumes, along with those princess, faeries, etc.

Yesterday we picked up a surgeons / doctors outfit from one of those shops like the $2 shop.

The Fashionista in her new scrubs.

Agent Smelly is the receptionist / nurse.
The Dr. had to place a bandaid on her nose as there was the tiniest of scratches.
Note the lolly pops given to the "good" children (dolls) after their appointment.

They turned their club house into a doctors / hospital.

Often The Pig or I get called into one of the roles (when we aren't being made to sit and watch one of their performances) and today was no exception. I was given a "physical" by my doctor and nurse with them using all their little plastic doctor tools on me. Their stethoscopes are in fact real and they loved listening to my heart and then "yelling into each others". I even let them place some of my eye drops into my eyes, which they found totally fascinating (and helped my tired dry eyes). There were many giggles especially when they kept taking turns hitting my knees with their hammers, which despite being made of plastic actually hurt ... apparently my cries of "ouch" are giggle-worthy and mean hit even harder next time!

At the end I was given a prescription that reads as follows:
cold cream medison (what can I say, they have a bad spelling teacher)
Pretty good but come back next week for an eye check
Okay     The Doctor

I had to see the nurse on the way out and produce a "card" to pay for my appointment (she actually pretended to swipe  piece of cardboard on an invisible swiper) and then was booked in for my next appointment as per Dr's orders.  Between us though, I am not sure that I will return for next weeks check up as I didn't get a lolly pop after my appointment!

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  1. Hehe. I wouldn't go back either. Maybe you needed to ask for an injection. You always get a lollipop after that.


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