Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Red Tent - Book Review

How good is it, when you read a novel that is so well written that it exceeds your expectations of it.

Anita Diamont writes in such a way that not only can you visualise the shepherd's, midwives, slaves, caravans, etc. but at times I could almost smell them. Anita is just an amazing and almost poetic storyteller.

The Red Tent is a fictional story based on Jacob's daughter and Joseph's sister, Dinah from the Bible. The first part of the book begins Dinah telling the story of her mother and aunts and then moves onto her own life as a hard-working, woman and midwife. I am not going to spoil the plot by saying any more ... just read it!

I must thank my "Jewel" of a cousin who recommended this too me. The only sad thing is, it is going to be a hard task to find anything else that I will enjoy as much this year. I just may end up having to reread it!

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