Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ponies, a little girls passion

Both my girls have been riding horses since they were small. They absolutely adore horses and yes, we have agreed to get them a pony each once we have stables, a horse trailer, etc. We aren't leading them up the garden path, these are things we do intend to get one day. Animals are a beautiful thing to have in your life and both girls have been obsessed with ponies since The Fashionista was around four years old.  They usually have a lesson one afternoon every fortnight, it is sort one of their homeschooling sports if you like.

For the past couple of years our girls have been attending lessons with Meret. Meret is a grandmother originally from Switzerland who runs her own farm and has been around horses forever. She is a slight, small woman who has so much energy and drive that she makes me feel very lazy in comparison. Meret has a number of ponies so the girls do get to ride different mounts every so often.

Well today for the first time the girls met her at the Tuakau Pony Club, instead of the farm, for their lesson as she was going on a trail ride afterwards with the group and her grandchildren. Both my girls were "uber" excited at being at the Pony Club and had a really enjoyable lesson.

The Fashionista on "Allada", a flea-bitten grey

Agent Smelly on "Spirit" ; she is such a cute little pony

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