Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kelly Tarltons Underwater World and Antarctic Adventure

Today we went to Kelly Tarlton's Antarctic Adventure and Underwater World with our guests from Melbourne, Aunty D and Uncle B.Kelly

On the Snow Trac

We visited "Scotts Hut" a replica of the original in Antarctica.

Stingrays as long as 2 metres greeted us in Stingray Bay.

They have females only as they are prolific breeders!

We got to see the keeper feed the stingrays - that was way cool!

We encountered New Zealand's largest sub-antarctic penguin colony. There are over 80 King & Gentoo adult & baby penguins! You sit in these little enclosed snowcats that take you around the exhibit. On our first trip around we actually saw the penguins being hand fed which was pretty amazing. Then we took photos (without the flash is the only rule!) later on our second trip and then the girls went around again without us. The Fashionista actually videoed the penguins on that trip around. They were rather besotted with the little guys.

You walk through the tanks that hold over 100 million litres of water with over 2000 fish, which included SHARKS!  The turtles are temporarily being homed in some of these tanks.

We got to explore the brand new adventure, Seahorse Kingdom. Little displays were filled with magnificent seahorses from around the world and one featured the world’s only Spiny Sea Dragon’s (above) on public display.

There were a wonder of beautiful fish to see. Yes we did see Nemo and Dori ... ;)

I just loved this aquarium with the Lego's set up in it. Note the fish in the craft on the far left.

I also found the aquarium with some shark eggs positively amazing. You could actually see through them and see the baby (babies moving ... mind blowing!

We also saw a tank full of eels and a tank full of the biggest crayfish!

The eight legged octopus waved us goodbye!

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