Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Drying Flowers

Agent Smelly's NZ Grandma gave her a flower pressing kit for Christmas.

I just realised I hadn't picture of her with it and this is the pose I got!
Reminder to self to not to take pictures of cheeky little monkeys at bed time!

It is quite a simple apparatus. you simply unscrew the wing (butterfly) nuts and place the flowers between the tissue paper which sits between cardboard. There are a number of pieces of cardboard so you can make a few layers of flowers. You then screw the nuts back down as tightly as possible and set it aside for ten to fourteen days.  An excellent exercise in patience!

To Agent Smelly's credit she did wait and didn't keep opening it up ... she did once but we agreed it would be a good opportunity to see what happens after a few days.

These are the finished flowers. AS is still playing around with them trying to get a design that she likes best. Once she does I thought I'd pop it through the laminator.

This is a great craft for AS as she simply LOVES picking flowers and she really gets a little impatient with some of the crafts like knitting, crochet, etc. We now just have to get moving planting some more flowers for her ... or keep raiding Grannie's garden.

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